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Medical Supplies

Lakeland FL Medical Supplies

Are you looking for particular medical equipment (DME) or healthcare supply? Let us help you find it! Quick N Save Pharmacy in Lakeland, Florida offers Medical Supplies at their lowest prices.

Medical Supplies

Bath Safety
Back Shower Gurney, Bath Seat Riser, Medical Folding Steel Commode, Sturdy Grab Bars, Bathtub Bench, Bathtub Rail, Bathroom Safety Bench, Adjustable Shower Gurney

Health Monitoring
Pulse Oximeter, Compact Nebulizer, Blood Glucose Exam Kit with free strips, Blood Pressure Monitoring Systems, Thermometers, Portable Oxygen Supplies

Incontinence Care
Undergarments for Men and Women, Bedding Pads, Panty-Liners, Bladder Control Supplies, Adult Diapers, Underpads

Diabetic Care
Insulin Syringes, Prescribed Diabetes Medications, Prescription Refills, Lancets, Accessories for Insulin Pump, Control Solutions, Glucose Meters, Shoes, Blood Glucose Test Strips, Insulin Injections, Socks

Mobility Assistive Devices
Lift Chairs, Wheelchair (Pediatric), Walking Stick (Canes), Wheelchair (Geriatric), Wheel Chair Support, Rollators, Walkers, Automated Elevation Wheelchairs, Transport Chairs / Benches, Motorized Scooters, Support Crutches, Walking Aids, Quad Sticks

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