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COVID-19 Form
COVID-19 Vaccine is now available here at our pharmacy!

We at Quick N Save Pharmacy prioritize your safety and health above all. With the continuous threats of the coronavirus and its new strain, we are partnering with government bodies and other healthcare institutions in distributing its vaccines. Our staff members are well-informed about the vaccines and are trained for their proper administration. Staff members who administer the vaccines are prepared and equipped with the proper PPE, hand gloves, and well-sanitized vaccination equipment. Communities around Florida hoping to get vaccinated can now avail them but with proper precaution.

We encourage and require our consumers to follow these safety measures when getting their vaccines at Quick N Save:

  • Properly wear masks.
  • Sanitize your hands.
  • Keep a safe distance from others.
  • Read the signages carefully before and when entering the pharmacy or other establishments.
  • Participate in the initial screening upon entry.

Please take note that people with a higher risk of contracting the disease and complications like the elderly or people with underlying conditions are prioritized during vaccination. Moreover, for consumers displaying symptoms of the virus (fever, dry cough, and other respiratory symptoms), we would recommend you to stay in your vehicle or outside the premises until our staff members have performed a triage. You or your loved ones with symptoms may also phone us, so we can send our staff to your homes.

Common Side Effects of the Vaccine

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has cited the common side effects one should expect when getting vaccinated against the virus. Aside from the pain and swelling on your arm where the shot was taken, here are its other side effects:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Fatigue
  • Headache

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