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How You Can Prevent and Treat Shingles


You probably suffered from the irritating chickenpox rash as a kid. You may have thought the virus was gone once the symptoms subsided and your health improved, but unfortunately, this is not the case.

Age can weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness. If this occurs, the virus could become active again, triggering a case of shingles composed of painful blistering rashes.

While most people will only experience it once, some may be susceptible to further attacks. Anyone who has never had chickenpox or gotten the chickenpox vaccination from a pharmacy or hospital is at risk of contracting shingles if they come into direct contact with the fluid from a rash blister.

That’s why our pharmacy in Polk County stresses the importance of keeping up with vaccines to protect against diseases like shingles and others.

While it may seem hopeless to prevent shingles after the virus has already infected your body, a vaccine is available at our pharmacy in Lakeland to increase your immunity, making shingles less likely to occur. The vaccine can reduce its severity and duration even if you contract the illness.

You may be prescribed antiviral medicines to lessen the intensity and length of your symptoms for those with existing shingles. Nevertheless, your doctor is the one who should decide which of these drugs is best for you.

At Quick N Save Pharmacy, we also provide the COVID vaccine Lakeland and other vaccines, such as flu shots, measles, pneumococcal diseases, hepatitis, and more. We have everything you need for your health and wellness needs!

For more information about our services, like our COVID testing in Lakeland, Florida, and other pharmacy services, contact us today.

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