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Quick N Save Pharmacy: Dangers of Prescription Drugs

Do you know that prescription drugs are the third most abused substances in the world?

Ranking third behind alcohol and marijuana, prescription drugs have been recorded to be among the most addictive substances available on earth. Even though the primary goal of chemists in inventing these type of medicines are noble, humans still found a way to misuse and abuse them.

All prescription drugs are regulated by law through the mandate which requires every patient who needs them to show their prescription to pharmacists before they will be allowed to buy them in drugstores.

The term used in referring this ill practice is “drug abuse or drug misuse.” As defined in the Substance and Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the term connotes the intentional or unintentional use of medication without a prescription, in a way other than prescribed, or for the experience or feeling it causes.

Why do some people abuse drugs?
Education can lessen the prevalence of drug abuse, but both the educated and not have been known to misuse drugs. Here are some of the noted reasons that people use to defend their crime, as recorded by Quick N Save Pharmacy:
– They want to feel relaxed and relieved of tension.
– They need to reduce their appetite.
– Peer pressure.
– They mistakenly believe that taking prescription drugs, even without prescription, is still legal.
– They want it, just because.

Some have petty reasons, while others just could not take life’s burdens and think that the euphoria taken from these medicines will help them get away from the real world.

Commonly Abused and Misused Drugs

Stimulants. Originally intended to treat respiratory problems, neurological disorders, and obesity. Stimulants have been known to increase energy, alertness, and attention. Once you notice the following symptoms in someone whose treatment include stimulants, you should immediately seek professional help:
– Irregular heartbeat
– Seizures
– Insomnia
– Weight Loss
– High Blood Pressure
– Paranoia
– Abnormal Elevation of Body Temperature

Since the government noted that most cases of drug abuse and misuse were those using stimulants, their medical use waned and are only used for a few conditions like narcolepsy, ADHD, and depression at present.

Opiates. This group of drugs is from opium, which comes from the poppy plant, and the term often refers generally to opioids, narcotics, and opiates. This group of drugs is oftentimes used as painkillers, but they have also been known infamously to produce euphoria. Be that as it may, opiates can cause death from respiratory or cardiac arrest.

Some signs that one may be experiencing drug addiction are:
– Unexplained decrease of blood pressure
– Shortness of breath
– Depression and Disorientation
– Digestion irregularities
– Vomiting
– Seizures
– Restlessness

Sedatives or Tranquilizers. These known depressants are the major types which are allowed by the country to be distributed and purchased by patients suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, seizures, and insomnia. Because their effect focuses on the central nervous system of an individual, anyone who takes them could feel the effects right away.

A few signs of usage from this particular drug includes:
– Intoxication or Drowsiness
– Memory loss
– Involuntary Gestures
– Confusion on directions, time, etc.
– Poor Judgment

Prescription drugs can be used in two ways- the legal or the illegal way. Once you take them without your physician’s advice and prescription, you will bear the risk of endangering not just yourself, but the people around you too.

Be responsible for yourself. Know the consequences of taking drugs bought from any Pharmacy in Florida.

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