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COVID-19 Testing: The Different Types of Tests?

covid-19-testing-the-different-types-of-testsThroughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of boosting our immunity has become increasingly apparent. Hence, it is important to schedule your COVID vaccine in Lakeland. More than that, reliable and accessible testing is essential for containing and mitigating the spread of disease.

As your trusted pharmacy in Lakeland, we will discuss the different types of COVID-19 tests:

  • Antigen Tests
    An antigen test looks for specific viral markers called antigens. When novel coronavirus antigens are detected, the antibodies used in this type of test will bind to them and produce a positive result. Samples for this type of test are collected through a nasal swab with most hospitals, pharmacies, and urgent care centers offering this test.
  • Antibody Tests
    Antibody tests determine if you have previously been infected with the virus. Otherwise called a serology or serological test, this type of test look for antibodies specific to the novel coronavirus in the blood. Hence, this type of test cannot diagnose a current infection with the novel coronavirus. Samples for this type of test are collected through a blood sample.
  • Molecular Tests
    This type of test diagnoses a current infection with the novel coronavirus. This test may also be referred to as the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction or PCR test. This type of test collects samples using a nasal or throat swab.

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