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What Are the Different Types of COVID-19 Testing?

what-are-the-different-types-of-covid-19-testingYou may be needed to take a COVID-19 test if you want to travel soon or if you want to re-enter the workforce. Our pharmacy in Lakeland offers a variety of tests, some of which can detect a present infection and others that can detect if you have previously had the new coronavirus.

Understanding the many forms of COVID testing in Lakeland, Florida used to test for COVID-19 is critical to understanding your results: how the test works, the possibility of a false negative or false positive, and your symptomatic chronology.

  • Antigen Tests
    It is used to determine whether or not you are currently infected. Samples are collected using a nasal swab. This type of test is commonly performed in urgent care clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, and other comparable facilities, with results available in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Antibody Test
    This sort of COVID test looks for antibodies that are specific to the novel coronavirus. This type of test cannot be used to diagnose a current infection because it can take up to three weeks for your body to generate antibodies. Antibody testing, like molecular tests, has a comparable turnaround time.
  • Molecular Tests
    A reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction test (PCR) is another name for it. The turnaround time for point-of-care tests varies but is typically 15-45 minutes and 1-3 days for samples sent to a laboratory.

COVID-19 is still present in our midst, and the best way for you and your family to be safe is to get tested for the virus and get your COVID vaccine Lakeland.

Get yourself tested and vaccinated today at Quick N Save Pharmacy! We are your go-to pharmacy for fast, reliable COVID-19 testing.

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