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Debunking COVID-19 Vaccine Myths

debunking-covid-19-vaccine-mythsBefore believing any type of misinformation online, one must be critical and observant on whether or not the article you’re reading is from a verified site. Trusting fake and unverified information, especially about the COVID vaccine, can be harmful to you and your well-being.

As your trusted and friendly pharmacy in Lakeland, we are here to demystify myths about the COVID-19 vaccines. We take pride in sharing verified and factual information from reliable and academic sources only.

  • Myth: The COVID-19 vaccine can affect a person’s fertility.
    Truth: The vaccine creates a spike protein that teaches our immune system to to fight the virus that has that specific spike protein on it. It has nothing to do with affecting our reproductive systems.
  • Myth: Getting vaccinated means I am allowed to go in public without a face mask.
    Truth: Wearing masks is still important in order to avoid transmission. The purpose of the vaccine is to help our body learn the virus’ genetic makeup and fight it in case it enters our system.
  • Myth: My immunity from being unvaccinated is better than getting the vaccine.
    Truth: Boosted immunity from the virus with the help of the COVID vaccine is better. Unvaccinated individuals don’t have the antibodies to fight the virus, thus giving them severe effects from the infection.

These are just some of the myths that some people post online. As your dedicated pharmacy in Polk County, we encourage you to please get in touch with a medical professional for verified and factual information.

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