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The Difference Between RT PCR and Antigen Testing

the-difference-between-rt-pcr-and-antigen-testingWe have been asking this question ever since. As such, allow our pharmacy in Lakeland to share the difference of the following.

A PCR test is by far the most accurate test. Its method requires the amplification of a sample acquired by nasal swab or saliva. This breaks down the sample so that even a small amount of coronavirus genes can be detected.

Although very accurate, the PCR test has its weaknesses. This test requires hours or days to complete. Aside from that, it requires a a skilled laboratory technician and special equipment to run them.

The antigen test, on the other hand, is faster but provides less accurate results. The process is simple: you treat a sample with a liquid containing salt and soap that breaks apart cells and other particles. After, you apply the solution to a test strip containing antibodies. Once the strip’s antibodies cling to coronavirus antigens, a colored line appears on the test strip indicating the presence of SARS-CoV-2.

Despite the efficiency and inexpensiveness of the test, there can be drawbacks. Antigen tests are only effective if the person has a lot of virus in their system. However, if the person is asymptomatic or is in their early stage of getting sick, the antigen test may not detect the virus.

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