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Helpful Tips to Properly Store Medications


As one of the leading pharmacies in Florida, we specialize in handling medications. Here are our expert tips that can help you properly store your medications:

Your medications should be away from the sun’s light, away from any moisture, and away from the heat of appliances. They should be stored in a cool, dry place as they are sensitive to temperatures and harsh environments.

Medications must be kept in their original packaging or container unless otherwise stated by your pharmacist or doctor. The silica packs inside the bottles should not be eaten or tampered with however, the cotton balls should be removed after opening.

Take note of the expiration dates of all your medications to avoid ingesting expired ones. To dispose of expired medications, be sure to visit your nearest pharmacy for proper disposal. Do not flush them down your toilet or throw them in your garbage can.

Living with curious children and pets may cause poisoning accidents or damage to the medications if left unattended. So, ensure that your medication storage is in a place where they can’t see or reach. You can also place them in locked drawers or cabinets.

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