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Safety Travel Requirements: Pandemic Edition

Things to Keep in Mind in Taking Care of Your Elderly Loved One

Jetsetters have been locked up in their own countries since COVID-19 disturbed the whole world. This greatly influenced global mobility as heightened restrictions has been implemented for traveling. However, as vaccination has been rolled out, the situation around the world changes.

The World Health Organization and other official sources cited a 4-level system that categorizes international destinations. These levels are level 4– which has a very high level of COVID-19, level 3- high level, level 2- moderate level, and level 1- low level of COVID-19. It is recommended to travel with precautions and make sure travelers get the COVID vaccine in Lakeland.

When flying internationally, travelers must follow the following requirements:

  • A negative PCR test result is required before entering and returning to the US. A COVID Testing in Lakeland, Florida, is available for all customers over 5 years old.
  • Wearing a well-fitting mask. A recommended mask is N95.
  • All documents must be ready, including proof of vaccination. Check the country you are traveling to for additional requirements.

To make sure you are safe and the people you meet are safe after and before traveling, you may consider getting testing kits or antigen rapid test kits at a pharmacy in Lakeland.

A lot has changed over the last 2 years, and we are all taking these changes slowly. Quick N Save Pharmacy is always available if you need any medical supplies.

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