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Protecting Employees at their Workplace


It is generally known that the transmission of the Covid-19 virus is higher through person-to-person contact. Recently, as workplaces are starting to open, businesses ought to develop Covid-19 preparedness and response plan in order to protect not just the workers but all the people coming in and out of the establishment.

The COVID vaccine in Lakeland is available for all to ensure all workers are protected. Other than vaccination, the following are considered to prevent the spread of the virus:

  • Ventilation. All workplaces should have an open window to access outdoor air and a total airflow supply.
  • Proper Hygiene and Physical Distancing. These are the general guidelines that aim to minimize physical contact. In addition, workers should practice handwashing and using alcohol-based sanitizers.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) – Employers must provide enough PPE such as masks and sanitizers in their establishments. Monitoring employee safety is also a must. If a person has a slight symptom, it is important to have testing kits. Covid testing in Lakeland, Florida, is also available to ensure safe and reliable results.

It is also best to guarantee the safety of employees by having testing kits in the workplace. If you are looking for antigen test kits, it is available at a pharmacy in Lakeland.

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